Cyrena Potenziani, Owner & Master Hair Stylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Cyrena Potenziani

Owner & Master Stylist

Liz Vivolo, master hair stylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Liz Vivolo

Master Stylist

Krystina Beck, master hair stylist and extension specialist at Gloss Hair Studio

Krystina Beck

Master Stylist & Extension Specialist

Serena Martinez, hair stylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Serena Martinez


Cheyenne, hair stylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Cheyenne Shafer


Claudette, hair stylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Claudette Lefferman


Julie Ramsey, hairstylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Julie Ramsey


Annamarie, hairstylist at Gloss Hair Studio

Annamarie Olvera


Devyn Chandler, master hair stylist and extension specialist at Gloss Hair Studio

Devyn Chandler

Master Stylist & Extension Specialist

COVID-19 Procedures

Gloss Hair Studio is taking extra precautions to ensure cleanliness, disinfection and the safety of all guests and staff.

  • Masks must be worn by staff and clients.
  • Hand sanitizers is supplied
  • Temperature checks of staff and all arriving guests
  • Working at 50% capacity
  • Clients cannot bring children or guests to their appointment
  • Maintain a 6-foot distance when possible
  • Contact-less checkout: Credit cards must be given when the appointment is made and is kept on file.
  • UV light and barbicide for all tool disinfection
  • No beverages will be served

About Gloss

Gloss Hair Studio offers you a number of benefits distinct from other salons, with a multitude of hair services as a full-service salon in 4S/Del Sur.

Clients feel relaxed and safe, with a knowledgeable staff that pays attention to detail. Superior customer service and the quality of our work shows in all work.

This area is a melting pot of different professions and nationalities. Gloss embraces the community and helps it connect.

Over the year Gloss invites local artists, crafters, and entrepreneurs to come in and show off their skills by displaying their talents. This is an environment that thrives on building long-lasting relationships with class and appreciation for the talents of all those who work there.

Mission Statement

The mission at Gloss Hair Studio is to offer clients an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Gloss Hair Studio offers a team of highly trained artists and specialists. Through education, collaboration, diversity, and creativity, stylists achieve amazing results and grow as professionals. Gloss Hari Studio has standards of customer service that are superior.

This is a tribe that nurtures and helps each other grow as both professionals and human beings. Through experiences every day, Gloss Hair Studio creates long-lasting relationships with clients and the local community.

A Note from the Owner

My name is Cyrena Potenziani, and I have wanted to own my own salon since I was a teenager. Growing up I was always doing hair in the kitchen.

This has been a lifelong dream of mine and I am so happy to share this adventure with my husband, James. James has a background in sales as well as hospitality management and is my social butterfly. He is constantly buzzing around talking to whomever he can find. We make a great team.

James and I have lived in the community since 2006. Our three children attend school in the surrounding area  We love each other and love what we are trying to build.

We are so amazed at this community. The residents are extremely conscience of environmental efforts and take pride in their recycling, LEED certified buildings and solar power. I aim to achieve while sustaining our environment and making the world a better place. We carry products that we believe in and have the same principles.

I have worked in the beauty industry for 12 years gaining knowledge in products, techniques, and superior customer service.

Thank you for being part of my vision and letting me share my dreams with you.